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different forms!

BigLove Indian hair was founded with a mission to provide much needed employment to rural Indian women. We found a way to do this by being able to empower women across the world with confidence and beauty. We are manufacturers of premium virgin Indian hair Extensions, Frontals and Closures.
Based in the heart of South India; where it is a common practice for women to tonsure their heads and to offer their hair to God in an act of sacrifice, we have direct access to the best single donor hair in the world. BigLove buys the hair - the most enviable hair in the world - ethically,directly from the temples.
What one woman offers to God in an act of sacrifice benefits another woman with employment and bestows another with beauty and self-confidence. The temples in turn route the money they earn through selling hair to various charities that really reach and benefit those who need it the most. A perfect circle indeed that blesses many in different forms!
BigLove ethically sources and selects 100% Authentic Virgin Indian Hair that is tied in individual bundles - this guarantees that each of our Indian hair extensions, frontals and closures are single donor and cuticle aligned.
Uncompromising in our pursuit of perfection, community development and to be a good business house we are proud to offer tshehe best Indian Hair Extensions available in the world at the lowest prices. Our customers can feel proud, in turn, to know that the money they spent directly enables a better life for women in rural India, apart from contributing to various temple charities that provide food, education and healthcare for those most in need. It's all about spreading BigLove!
Founded in 2011, we at BigLove, create
the world's best Indian Hair Extensions,
closures and frontals.
Big Love Indian Hair
Dedicated to perfection and of the highest quality, our Indian Hair Extensions and other hair pieces are premium and are products you can rely on. All our Indian Hair Extensions and other products are made with 100% virgin, cuticle aligned Indian Hair and are single donor. We use only the best materials in our manufacturing processes.
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All our Indian Hair Extensions, Frontals and Closures carry a 100% replacement guarantee against shedding and tangling.
Big Love Indian Hair
Dedicated to perfection and empowerment, our team is diverse - from manufacturing and supply chain management experts to hair professionals. We employ only women at our factory and are proud of the fact that we pay above industry standard wages to them. BigLove also provides a host of other benefits - including health care, education for their children and granting 0 interest loans if and when one needs some extra money for an emergency.
Chandan Seetharam
Chandan started his career with Greenpeace. Realising that saving the world was a personal thing, he joined the advertising field and worked in some of the world's most reputed ad agencies. Getting bored of behind-a-desk life, he started a special interest travel company. He has led many motorcycle expeditions across South Asia, and also many culture and history travel programs. Chandan is a director at Soter Enterprises and actively manages Indian Expeditions and BigLove Indian Hair.
Amanda Sequeira
Amanda is a free spirited artist at heart but puts her energies and passion to work as a graphic designer. She is quite the perfectionist and pays deep attention to detail. Amanda is very good at branding, designing logos and marketing collateral. At BigLove Indian Hair, Amanda is the head of Client Branding and Design.
Shreya Ashok
Shreya is a marketing-communications professional who has worked on various business verticals. While communications is her core, she thrives on strategy and business that brings more brains by measuring ROI for marketing dollars. This mix has helped her see today’s business with refreshingly varied lenses. Her biggest strengths are understanding and anticipating trends that shape consumer mindsets and behaviour, which help her keep the finger on the pulse. At a personal level, her love for travelling on her own terms has seen a new her!
Chinna Reddappa
Chinna grew up in the Cheekalabaylu, where our factory is located. Chinna was one of the first in the area to get a college education, no easy task then. He started his career as a teacher for poor village kids in a free school run by Chandan's family, where he had studied in. With the advent of free government schools in the area, he went on to join the textile industry, before working for many years in large hair manufacturing units. At BigLove, Chinna is the factory head and production in-charge
Big Love Indian Hair
We frequently hold free medical camps in the area where our factory is located. We provide grants foreducation for children and provide a host of counselling services. When you buy from us, you can feel beautiful from within!
Big Love Indian Hair
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