Indian Hair frontals

BigLove proudly presents the best virgin Indian Hair Frontals in the world!
VIRGIN indian HAIR frontal
Weighs a minimum of 3.5 ounces / 100 grams
Natural color and texture
Big Love Indian Hair
  • Shipped direct from India via Fedex/DHL
  • Shipping to the USA - 2-4 business days
  • 100 % natural Indian Human Hair.
  • Highest Quality Premium Indian Hair Frontals.
  • Standard size 13 X 4.
  • Base Material: Premium Swiss Lace for durability and comfort
  • Hand Tied, bleached knots.
  • Realistic baby hair along the hairline
  • Natural part in any direction
  • Medium Density - 130%
  • 100 % Cuticle Aligned, Virgin, Remy, Single Donor Bundles.
  • Tangle and Shed free.
  • Natural color and texture.
Guaranteed 100% Natural Virgin unprocessed Indian Hair. Cuticle Aligned. Single Donor. Breathable and Light-Weight Swiss Lace Frontals. Hand Tied. Tangle free and Shed Free.
Complete your look with a premium quality Indian hair Frontal perfectly matched with Biglove Indian Hair Extensions. Our Indian Hair Frontals are made with a whole lot of BigLove in India with 100% natural cuticle aligned Indian Human Hair sourced directly from the temples of South India. Every Frontal is hand tied meticulously on premium quality light weight and breathable Swiss lace. Each Indian Hair Frontal undergoes rigorous quality checks before it's shipped. Guaranteed 100% Indian Human Hair, Single Donor, Tangle free and Shed free. The hair can be colored or dyed as it has never been dyed before. Can use heat tools to straighten or curl the hair.
Big Love Indian Hair
Guaranteed Authentic
100% Virgin Indian Human Hair Swiss Lace Frontals. The world's most enviable hair sourced directly and ethically from South Indian Temples.
Big Love Indian Hair
Shipped Direct from our Factory
Every Indian Hair Frontal is processed and hand tied in our own factory in India. No chemicals are used whatsoever. Each Frontal undergoes a rigorous and stringent quality check during processing and triple checked by 3 different dedicated quality check personnel after completion.
Big Love Indian Hair
Premium Quality Guaranteed
Every strand of hair in our Indian Human Hair Frontal is guaranteed to be Virgin and Cuticle Aligned. Each Frontal comes from a single donor. No chemicals or heat is used to enhance or to change the texture. This is hair as pure and divine as it gets!
Big Love Indian Hair
Reusable and Durable
Our Hair can be reused and installed multiple times. Lasts for years with proper care and maintenance.
Big Love Indian Hair
guaranteed Tangle Free with No Shed
All our Hair Frontal are guaranteed to be tangle and matte free. Superior quality Light Weight Swiss Lace is used and the hair is meticulously hand tied. Guaranteed to not shed. Can be colored and heat applied.
Big Love Indian Hair
Can be heat styled and colored
All our Virgin Indian Hair Frontals can be colored or dyed, though we recommend the use of hair professionals to do so. Indian hair is naturally heat resistant and you can use heat tools to flat iron or curl the hair.
Premium Indian Hair Frontals
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