Q. What is Remy Virgin Indian Hair?

Ans. Virgin Remy Indian hair is the best hair because its 100% natural, the cuticles are aligned – which means the hair will not tangle. No chemicals have been used to smoothen the hair or to enhance its texture. This type of hair has also never been dyed before.

What is Non Remy hair?

Ans. Non-Remy Hair is salon cut hair or hair that is collected after brushing. The cuticles are not aligned as the heads and tails of the hair have been mixed. Non-remy hair is usually put through a process that is called "Cuticle Free Treatment" which involves machines and chemicals to smoothen out the cuticles. Non-remy hair will not last beyond a few washes and will start to break.

What is Brazilian, Peruvian, Cambodian, Malaysian Hair?

Ans. This is a Chinese marketing gimmick. All these types of hair are non-remy salon cut / brushed off hair that is put through a Cuticle Free process that involves machines and strong chemicals. The Chinese also coat the hair with certain types of chemicals to make it feel smooth. These types of hair will not last and will start breaking after a few washes and if heat is applied.

What is the BigLove Indian Hair Guarantee?

Ans. We guarantee for 30 days after purchase that our Indian hair Extensions, Frontals and Closures will not shed and will not tangle.

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