We are manufactures of Indian Hair Extensions, Frontals and Closures. We supply hair pieces that are made from our own factory only.

We source our hair directly from the Temples of South India.

Our hair is shipped via DHL from Chennai, India.

All our hair is 100% ethically sourced Indian Human Hair that is completely natural and not processed in any way.

We know people who have used to hair for five + years , and we know of people who have burnt the hair in 5 hours. If you take basic care of the hair and treat it like how you would treat your own hair, the hair can last many years.

We highly recommend applying virgin coconut oil for at least 4 hours, preferably over night, once or twice a week. Use only high quality shampoo and conditioner, preferably sulfate free.

We recommend Dabur Hair Care products.

You can shop Dabur Hair oil, conditioner and shampoo on Amazon by clicking on the links. Note links are for Amazon US, if you are in another country, please search for Dabur products on Amazon or another online market place.

Yes, you can! But please note Indian Hair LOVES it's color and it requires expertise to do bleach/lift color. We highly recommend you get this done by a hair professional who has worked with Raw Indian Hair from India, and not Chinese "Raw Indian Hair."

Shipping after dispatch takes 2- 4 business days to reach you. Your check out cart will calculate shipping costs depending on where you are and how much you order. Generally, it costs $35 up to 9 bundles.

Raw and Virgin are the same terminology used to identify unprocessed human hair extensions. Our hair is Raw Indian Hair and is 100% unprocessed and natural Indian Human Hair.

No! Since our hair is completely unprocessed and natural, no two bundles will have the exact same texture, though they will closely match. Each bundle will have the same texture though as each extension is made from a single donor.

It's because we are the SOURCE of the best raw Indian Hair Extensions. We are based in India, have our own factory and there are no middle men between you and us. Many vendors in the USA claim they have their own factories, where as they do not and buy from factories like us, mark up the hair exponentially and sell it.

Each weft has 9 to 12 tracks. Authentic Raw Indian Hair is healthy and thick, and therefore requires more tracks to hold it. All our wefts are glue reinforced.

We use triple knots on our lace and frontals. This means each strand of hair is triple knotted. A few customers complain that the knots feel rough, but anything less, the lace products will not last long. We have 1000's of customers who attest that our lace products are very comfortable to wear and extremely durable.

Ethically sourced means all of our hair is procured with the highest integrity from the most transparent and reputable methods possible. In the industry of natural hair extensions, many companies do not disclose or are not aware of how human hair may be taken or forcefully influenced from women in third-word countries.

All of our hair is willingly donated as part of the daily religious temple ceremonies in India. The hair is then auctioned by the temples, and the monies are recycled back into the same communities for betterment.

Ethical sourcing is the only way to insure the most humane and high-quality product which benefits not only you but local communities in need. Learn more about ethically soured hair here.

Please mail info@bigloveindianhair.com with your questions.